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Peter Pan's Dj - Le podcast Officiel

Peter Pan's Dj - Podcast 16 (Soulflavaz Guestdeejayz's Podcast)

Publié le 2011-08-06 20:05:00 Peter Pan's Dj - Podcast 16 (Soulflavaz Guestdeejayz's Podcast)
Invit en guest sur le podcast de mon episode LIVE d'1h

Van Halen - Jump (Intro Set)  
Dire Straits - Money For  Nothing (Loop Mix)                            
The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again (Pan's Short Version)
Gwen Stefani - What You Wainting For (Pan's Short Version)            
MichMash - Disco Rock City (ACDC & BINGO PLAYERS)     
Ian dury - sex & drugs & rock n'roll  
Run DMC - Walk This Way (Transition 105-128)          
The Offspring - Why Don't Get A Job (128-109 Pan's Transition)
Smash Mouth - All Star                                                                   
Spin Doctors - Two Princes
The Rembrants - I'll Be There For You (FRIENDS TV THEME) (Pan's Short Version)
The Caesars - Jerk It Out                       
Blur - Crazy Beat                                                                       
Daft Punk - Technologic                                                                
The Rolling Stones - Satisfaction (Pan's Transition)                  
The Beatles - Twist & Shout 
The Beach Boys - Woulnd't It Be Nice (DJ K-ONE & DJ LESTY REMIX) 
U2 - With Or Without You (Re-work Electronic)                                         
ACDC - Thunderstruck (Pan's Intro Ext)
Kiss - I Love It Loud (Intro Movie)                           
RHCP - Give It Away (The Strokes Introduct')                                    
Weezer & Jacksons 5 - Beverly Hills Are Rockin' (Avril Lavigne - Complited Acap)
Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (Remix2011) (Pan's Personal Edit) 
Lenny Kravitz - Are You Go My Way      
Sidney Samson - Panorama (Daft Punk - Around The World Acap)  
Michael Jacksons - Billie Jean (MAGGY SMISS Transition)   
Adele - Rolling In The Deep (Guy Gadbois Remix)      
Medi - How would you do it                                                             
Jamiroquai - All Good In The Hood                                         
Junior Senior - Rappers Move Your Feet (Pan's Edit)        
Mr. Oizo - Cut Dick                                                                   
Jean Tonique - Dynomite            

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